Magnoni srl is specialised on design and production of handling systems. Specifically, it manages cans, glasses bottles, PET, pots, clusters, burdens, trays, boxes used by the food and beverage, canning, oil and pet-food markets.

Since 1956, the Company has given proof of putting high attention on clients’ needs, quality products and reliability of technology for moving systems.

Magnoni srl boasts a wide range of moving solutions for both packaged and unpackaged products. Moreover, the technology used can be tailored base on client’s demands. Its large experience and high flexibility in problem-solving have worthed the Company many prestigious collaborations.

Magnoni’s customers belong to different market sectors, never the less their businesses are indispensably based on industrial moving, sorting and automotion systems. Top firms and leaders in their target markets such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, RedBull, Heineken, Mutti, Menù, Eurosets, Noberasco are just some of the companies relying on Magnoni technology, which guarantees efficency, reliability and flexibility at every level.