Elevators-lowerators for loose product containers.

Ridges elevator-lowerator

Ridges elevator-lowerator Electromechanical system to lift-lower small-medium size bulk food products like dry fruit, candy or toffes. It si normally used to feed selection or weighing hopper. BULK FOOD PRODUCTS Sizes: variable, up to 5cm lenght Weights: from few hg. ...

Magnetic Elevator-Lowerator

Magnetic Elevator-Lowerator Permanent magnets belt to lift-lower full or empty tins of different sizes and weights TINS Sizes: Tins up to 10Kg Weight: depending on belt inclination Use: pre-filling post-filling pre-encoding post-encoding Speed: only indicative; 500 cpm Technical details: structure

Pad-gripper elevator / lowerator

Pad-gripper elevator / lowerator Lifting-lowering system with pad-gripper for PET/glass bottles, glass jars, cans and tins. Because of the pad-gripper flexible system it is possible to handle not only different conteiners but also different formats. BOTTLES AND JARS - CANS Sizes: ...

Vacuum Elevator-Lowerator conveyor belt

Vacuum Elevator-Lowerator conveyor belt Vacuum electromechanical system to lift-lower aluminum, steel or plastic full or empty containers of small sizes CANS AND TINS Sizes: small standard containers in aluminum or steel Weights: max 1,2Kg Use: pre-filling pre-encoding Speed: 48.