Thermoshrinking tunnel for labels

Thermoshrinking tunnel for labels

System to label PET or galass bottles

System to label bottles in PET or glass with steam or hot air

Sistema di etichettatura a vapore o aria calda per bottiglie in PET o vetro

The thermoshrinking hot system (steam or hot air) tunnel, let the plastic label to shrink around the PET o plastic bottles making them adhere to the surface without utilising glues. It is offered with electrical system and on request with entry exit compensation table to adapt the system to any production speed up to 50.000cph.


from 60mm to 120mm diameter
from 90mm to 300mm height


Speed: 50.000 cph

Technical details:
Body in stainless steel AISI 304, internal conveyor belts in heat-resistant plastic material, electrical system with electronic temperature control device. Structure lenght (it is modular) based on requested production speed. On request are also available entry-exit compensation tables

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