Over 60 years of experience in the field have led Magnoni to developing capable and reliable handling solutions, for multiple sectors such as canning, bottling, fresh produce, pet food, non food and glass products.

Bottling / cans

PET bottles | Glass bottles | Tetra Paks | Cartons | Bundles | Jars | Cans | Pallet | Pouches
The bottling industry has some specific features, such as heavy automation, high speed in various applications and high standards of reliability for packaging. Taking care of the ...

Preserves / canned food

Tin cans | Glass bottles | Tetra Paks | Cartons | Bundles | Pallet | Pouches | Bags | Pots
Magnoni offers solutions to meet the handling needs of a wide variety of preserved and canned food products: Tin cans, Bags, Jars, Tetra Pak, DoyPack, Bottles (in ...

Pet food

Tin cans | Cartons | Bundles | Flowpacks | Pallets | Pouches | Small and large trays | Pots
Magnoni offers a comprehensive range of solutions for handling both wet and dry pet food in Flowpacks, Trays, Jars, Tin cans, such as modular belts, de-palletising and ...

Fresh products

Tin cans | Cartons | Bundles | Pallets | Pouches | Small/Large Trays
Magnoni conveyor belts are designed and constructed to optimise the handling of foodstuff, in bulk as well as packaged. The features of the handling systems for fresh ...

Non food

Boxes | Cartons | Palletts | Panels | Frames | Small/Large Trays
Magnoni produces conveyor belts for conveying industrial products, also known as Non Food, such as polystyrene panels, window and door frames, wood processing products, etc. These products ...

Glass products

Glass bottles | Cartons | Pallets | Pots
Magnoni’s experience has also resulted in a range of specific conveyor belts for glass containers such as bottles and jars. The systems are customised according to ...